Come Forward – Help for a genuine cause


Ways to help people generously in Uttarakhand

1. You can donate gently-used household goods to genuine authorities.

The goods urgently required may include clothes, tents, tarpaulins, umbrellas , utensils , sleeping bags, blankets , medicines , bottled water , dry food items etc.

Some of the organisations collecting these articles are
Uday Foundation
91A (Near Airtel), Adhchini,
Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110017

Phone: + 91-11-2656 1444 / 333
Contact person: Neha Bagga

C/O Parmarth Gurukul
Veerpur Khurdh
PO: Virbhadra
Rishikesh, Uttrakhand – 249202

You can visit for lending helping hand .This again is one of the NGO’s carrying materials etc. for the people of Uttarakhand.

2. You can volunteer to help on personal front, if you have a kind of skill that is required. For example, doctors can volunteer to give their services , psychiatrists can volunteer to counsel grief stricken people , people having certain type of skills required for rescue operations can volunteer for rescue operations etc.

3. You can organise something to raise money for flood victims .You can arrange some fair or some show to showcase your special talents ,the proceeds of which can be donated to concerned authorities.

4. You can call any helpline numbers and find out what kind of help is actually required.

5. Be watching latest news on television, newspapers etc to find out what is actually required.

6. You can donate money through authorised channels. Two of the main channels are:

Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (
Chief Minister’s Relief Fund in Uttrakhand (

You can do online contribution through these channels


1. Don’t send clothes , things etc. that are in bad shape. You need to remember that people over there are in distress and are not beggars. So, while donating donate generously .

2. Don’t give things to people who are coming to homes for collecting. If you want to donate, donate to genuine organisations and through proper channels. Find out any NGOs etc. in your area who are participating in relief work and carrying things for victims.

You can add anything that comes to your mind in addition to what has been written to help people in Uttarakhand.


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