Ferrari Ki Sawaari- Movie Review


Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a movie about seeing dreams and chasing one’s dreams .

The movie shows a very sweet and healthy relationship between a father and a son. It shows how a father dreams big for his son in spite of his modest means . Father ( Rusy) is shown to be a very committed father and does everything possible to fulfill his son’s
( Kayo’s ) dream of playing as a successful cricketer. It shows the struggle of a father who dreams big for his son in spite of his limitations.

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Success Story – Veneta Krasteva


Veneta Krasteva represented Bulgaria in the 2013 Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Before winning the pageant, Krasteva was a professional dancer who enjoyed writing poetry and swimming.

She has been a tough fighter in real life.

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Pushing Oneself Beyond One’s Limits is the Key to Success

We need to learn to push ourselves beyond the limits imposed on us by our own selves. When we decide to limit ourselves and set boundaries for ourselves on what we can do and what we can’t do, we are the people who limit our success. Our mental barriers decide the boundaries for our progress and growth.

Wherever we have set limits for ourselves we need to go and challenge our limits, it is only then can we proceed and succeed in our lives.

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