Worksheet Service -1


TOPIC : Number System

Q1. The difference in the place values of 4 in the number 45674 is ______
(a)39996(b) 399996 (c) 39994(d)None of these

Q2. 53,39,42,370 ___________ 53,39,24,370
(a) > (b) < (c) = (d) None of these

Q3. Number of zeros in 10 million are ____
(a) 5 (b)6 (c)7 (d)8

Q4. Place value of 7 in 54,45,87,265 is
(a) 70000 (b)7000 (c)700000 (d)700

Q5. Eighty million eight hundred is
(a)80,800 (b)80,00,800 (c)80,80,000 (d)None of these

Q6. Place value and face value of a number is always equal at ___
(a) Ten’s place (b) Hundred’s place (c) One’s place

Q7. In the number 548 the digit 5 is in _______place.
(a) Hundreds place (b) Ten’s Place(c) Ten’s Place (d)None of these

Q8. Which the only number whose face value and place value are same?
(a) 1 (b)0 (c)2 (d)None of these

Q9. The place value of two 5’s used in the number 65354 are _____and _____
(a) 500 and 50 (b) 5000 and 500(c) 5000 and 50 (d) None of these

Q10. In the number 458 the digit 5 is in _____________place.
(a)Hundred’s (b) Ten’s (c) One’s (d)None of these


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