My first Post on Technical Analysis on this forum:
Dear All, I have always loved analyzing people and situations. It always triggers my analytical skills to reason out why certain people behave the way they do .This love for analyzing the behavior of people and their reactions, when they are put into certain situations lead me to experimentation and application of my analytical skills to stock market .Technical charts in the stock market are nothing but, the graphical representation of peoples’ behavior. I taught myself technical analysis. It has been a very exiting journey and now it’s been almost eight years since I started on this journey. I fell and I stumbled a lot many times but, still there was something that kept me going. It gave me freedom to be myself and test my skills. For every action of mine I am responsible. My fears and beliefs at times were put to test . I learnt to grow above them. Stock markets teach you spirituality or vice a versa. Both seem to be true. Stock market definitely teaches you to be calm in commotion. It has been a good learning and enriching experience. It’s good to see that one is able to see ahead and think at par with the smartest people.
I am ending this post for now but, will soon be back to share my insights and readings on the stock market. Hope you all will enjoy this journey with me.

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