The Karate Kid-Movie Review

the karate kid
The Karate kid is a movie about a boy who shifts to a new city with his mother and finds problem in settling down in new city and is troubled by his peers. He finds a good friend in the form of his master who is a simple guy living in his apartment complex . This master changes his life and helps him move forward creating self confidence and self worth in him. The movie beautifies the beautiful relationship between a master and a student.
Directed by : John G. Avildsen
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Trusting our children helps . We need to have faith in our children.

It is said that when we trust our children an additional responsibility of doing right action comes on their shoulders.When we trust our children we place positive thoughts in their sub conscious minds – THE THOUGHTS OF FAITH , THE THOUGHTS OF RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR.
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Ferrari Ki Sawaari- Movie Review


Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a movie about seeing dreams and chasing one’s dreams .

The movie shows a very sweet and healthy relationship between a father and a son. It shows how a father dreams big for his son in spite of his modest means . Father ( Rusy) is shown to be a very committed father and does everything possible to fulfill his son’s
( Kayo’s ) dream of playing as a successful cricketer. It shows the struggle of a father who dreams big for his son in spite of his limitations.

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The Miracle Worker – Movie Review


The Miracle Worker is the movie about Helen Keller’s life. Helen Keller was born with vision and hearing but lost her vision and became deaf when she was nearly nineteen months old because of some illness. Due to her shortcomings she was a pampered child at home.

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Bhag Milkha Bhag (meaning Run Milkha Run) – Movie Review

Bhag Milkha Bhag

It is a movie inspired by the life of Milkha Singh . Milkha Singh is a veteran Indian athelete. Milkha Singh has won several medals for India in events such as Asian games, Olympics etc. He was given the title of ‘Flying Sikh’ by Pakistan’s then president Ayub Khan after winning an athletic event held there.

It is a movie of racing ones dreams and fulfilling them with determination. Milkha Singh’s life was full of hardships and struggle. Inspite of all this he struggled to fulfil his dreams and reached to the top.


Farhan Akhtar (Milkha Singh), Sonam Kapoor, Prakash Raj, Rebecca Breeds, Meesha Shafi, Divya Dutta.

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Take out a moment to ponder


What has happened in Uttarakhand in India, is Nature’s way of telling us that She deserves attention.

Nature is crying for the DUE LEGITIMATE ATTENTION.

We need to understand that when we take so much from Nature, we should learn to give her back. With rights come responsibilities. One way traffic doesn’t workout well. It creates imbalance. This imbalance is projected in many ways.

Nature has her own way of telling us and reminding us of this imbalance. Time and again nature has warned us through tsunamis, cyclones, floods etc.

She has been pleading us, first through softer and then through harder ways –

Her constant pleads are falling on deaf ears. We are not listening to what Nature has to say.

What happens when one is deprived of one’s due rights?

First dissatisfaction is created. Then, come the silent protests. When the silent protests go unnoticed, then come the violent protests.
So, what are we all waiting for ???
Do we want more violent protests from Nature to listen to what She has to say?

Let us all carry out our part of responsibility towards Nature. Let us begin giving back to Nature her share. Don’t see if somebody else is doing or not. Don’t wait for somebody else to start. Start it with yourself .Concentrate on what you should be doing and not what others should be doing. Too much of talk is there and little of action. Let us reverse this pattern with more of action and less of talking.


Success Story – Arunima Sinha

mt everest 3

It is the story of valour and fighting back for life. It is the story that tells us that nothing can stop us but we ourselves. It is the story of an amputated girl Arunima Sinha from India, who scaled the mightiest and most gigantic Mount Everest to become the First Female Amputee to scale Mount Everest.

Two years back tragedy struck this woman , who was a volley ball player at that time. She was thrown out of a moving train by thieves for resisting to chain snatching. One of her legs was crushed by a moving by train. In order to save her life doctors had no choice but to amputate her leg.

“At that time everyone was worried for me. I then realised I had to do something in my life so that people stop looking at me with pity”, Sinha told Indian TV before leaving for the climb.

So, this is really what is required to succeed in life “A never giving up attitude”. However , big the hurdles may come in life the spirit to fight back should never end.

Sinha’s climb was sponsored by The Tata Steel Adventure Foundation and she was trained and guided by Sherpa’s Asian Trekking company in 2012.

Tom Whittaker, a British mountaineer, was the first person with disability(amputated foot) to scale Mount Everest in 1998.

Hats off to Arunima Sinha!!!!
Hats off to Tom Whittaker!!!!
Hats off to people like them who show the courage to fight back and come up !!!!