Q1. – 4.6 is a
(a) rational number (b) irrational number (c) natural number(d) integer

Q2. √16 is a
(a) rational (b) integer (c) irrational (d) Both a and b

Q3. 0.05 is
(a) irrational (b) integer (c) rational (d) Can’t say

Q4. All real numbers are rational numbers.
(a) True (b)False (c)Can’t say

Q5. All irrational numbers are real numbers.
(a) True (b) False (c)Can’t say

Q6. Each rational number is
(a) An integer (b) A real number (c) Both of these (d) None of these

Q7. Set of rational numbers is represented by
(a) Q (b) Z or I (c) P (d) W

Q8. ____ is the only even prime number.
(a)0 (b) 2 (c) 4 (d) 6

Q9. Smallest whole number is
(a) 0 (b) 1 (c) 2 (d) None of these

Q10. Except _____ every whole number is a natural number
(a) 0 (b) 1 (c) 2 (d) 3

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TOPIC : Number System

Q1. The difference in the place values of 4 in the number 45674 is ______
(a)39996(b) 399996 (c) 39994(d)None of these

Q2. 53,39,42,370 ___________ 53,39,24,370
(a) > (b) < (c) = (d) None of these

Q3. Number of zeros in 10 million are ____
(a) 5 (b)6 (c)7 (d)8

Q4. Place value of 7 in 54,45,87,265 is
(a) 70000 (b)7000 (c)700000 (d)700

Q5. Eighty million eight hundred is
(a)80,800 (b)80,00,800 (c)80,80,000 (d)None of these

Q6. Place value and face value of a number is always equal at ___
(a) Ten’s place (b) Hundred’s place (c) One’s place

Q7. In the number 548 the digit 5 is in _______place.
(a) Hundreds place (b) Ten’s Place(c) Ten’s Place (d)None of these

Q8. Which the only number whose face value and place value are same?
(a) 1 (b)0 (c)2 (d)None of these

Q9. The place value of two 5’s used in the number 65354 are _____and _____
(a) 500 and 50 (b) 5000 and 500(c) 5000 and 50 (d) None of these

Q10. In the number 458 the digit 5 is in _____________place.
(a)Hundred’s (b) Ten’s (c) One’s (d)None of these

Help your children find their purpose in Life- A Viewpoint


Real happiness is found when we have a purpose in life and we are moving forward towards that purpose.

As long as we are on the journey and are moving each step forward towards the fulfilment of our goal or purpose, we are happy.

If the purpose is not there or we are not clear about our goals or there is confusion in our minds we don’t find real happiness and are lost in life. So, we need to prepare our children to find their goals and purpose in life. Once they are on the track they won’t have much distractions and will be focussed and purposeful.

With purpose and goal comes the will to work hard and achieve it. When we have a purpose we are ready to put the best of our effort .When the goals are not clear, we don’t know on which path we are moving , each step requires lot of effort from our side, each step seems to be very tiring and drenching . So, where is the question of putting the best effort in this case???

Always encourage your children to dream big in life and move high in life. It is well said that ‘Great Things’ were achieved by people who first dreamt big. Letting your children dream and letting them take the flight of their dreams is very important. This will give them a sense of fulfilment in life and in the end of life they will live a peaceful and satisfied life.


Learning a foreign language- Career Enhancement


Some students learn a foreign language for the love of the language, some learn for fun and frolic and some learn for career purpose.

Learning a foreign language can take you places careerwise. Today everything, every field is getting globalised and the world is shrinking.

Lot of multinational companies, have their clients everywhere in the world, while dealing with such clients it gives a competitive edge to the company and finally to the employees if local language of the client with whom they are dealing with is known. For example, Continue Reading on our website

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What kind of food should a student be eating ?


Eating healthy food is very important for students. They need the energy to concentrate throughout the day not only for the classes but also for the extracurricular activities taking place. Mostly children are given heavy, hard to digest food and when they go and sit in the class or sit for self study sessions their attention and retention capacity goes very low. Food given to children should be such that the children do not feel sleepy after having it. Before any important activities that require a  lot of concentration and energy such as examinations, sports tournaments etc or during the self study periods the following categories of foods should be given to the children.


Why whole grains are important?

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