A trip on Mhow – Kalakund Heritage train
[Madhya Pradesh, India]

We went to Mhow railway station and booked our tickets for the heritage train which need to be bought at the station itself . Online bookings for this train are not available. The train was really a small one with five bogies . We boarded the train and our journey started. The first stop of the train was a very small station. People were in holiday mood and clicking photos and shooting videos with their loved ones. The horn of the train went off and all of us climbed up the train back to our seats.
The next station that came was Patalpani. To my owe it was a beautiful spot. I didn’t imagine anything like that in Madhya Pradesh where two months back there was sithering heat which didn’t allow any vegetation to grow. It was green and water was gushing down. It has rained the previous day and that day too. It was a such an awesome sight that I felt like absorbing all the richness of Nature inside me. Madhya Pradesh, India becomes beautiful during rainy season.Then, again the it was time to board the train again for the next stop. The train journey was along the path of Choral river in Vindhyachal mountain ranges. This was the first time I had heard of this river. We had heard of the prominent rivers like Ganga , Bhramaputra and the like,but this hidden beauty was unheard of.
Immersed in the beauty of nature we reached our next destination – a bridge constructed in 1878 by the use of sand-stone masonry for the piers but due to heavy flood it was damaged and reconstruced in 1931-32. We got down the train and had a stroll over the bridge to have the view of Choral river and the valley below. Some photography sessions were too happening to keep the memories alive. The time to board the train for the next destination came. The next was Kalakund. . We got down in excitement to see what was there for us to watch. It was a calm and serene station with railway tracks visible till our eyes could catch. We had the lunch arranged for us by the railways. Eating lunch under the trees amongst the lush green fields around is worth an experience. After the lunch we went down to explore the river. We saw a temple on the otherside of the river and kept on wondering how people would reach temple on the hill as it was amidst unihabited place and only way possible seemed to reach the temple was by crossing the river. Far away we could see a water fall. It was scary and awesome at the same time to see such a thrust of water. Then, we climbed back to the top. We went to a spot where we could see this waterfall closely. It was really awesome. We sat on a bench observing the fall. It was time to move back to train for the return journey. We saw a small plants nursery maintained by railways where several plants of importance in ayurvedic medicine were grown. The train started. This time there were no stoppages and train headed us back to the point from where we started, we being absorbed in the beautiful memories of the trip. It is worth taking this trip.

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