Recent outbreak of COVID-19 – How to keep our kids engaged

A lot has been heard and said about the Covid-19 pandemic. WHO official website and other health departments official websites are constantly issuing advisories on social distancing and stay at home. We can plan a productive family time with our kids and utilize this time for family bonding. Earlier many stay at home moms when gadgets were less of a distraction used to involve the kids in household activities. This used to be a two way tool. One side, that was visible and obvious was sharing of extra work that comes when everybody at home. The other part that was more deeper than this was family bonding. Working together on tasks offers us to spend quality time together as a family. Take a scenario wherein we are cooking , we can engage our kids in simple tasks such as washing and peeling veggies. If they are a bit older we can engage them in grating and cutting and make them stand by while we are cooking. We can cook our childrens’ favorite menu , which obviously serves as a motivation for them to get involved. This way we can devise small family events and engagements during this time of social distancing.Lets stay positive amid so much scare.
Stay healthy!!! Stay positive!!!

Small Town and City Bred Students

On a recent visit to a small temple town in South Karnataka, I happened to visit a school run by the temple. What a profound difference to the schools that we have in our cities!!!
The school had so much open space surrounded by lush greenery and hut type classrooms. Children were running around everywhere carefree. They grew their own vegetables, senior children helped in cooking, they took pride in cleaning their school and keeping their premises clean. On seeing us, they flocked around us, greeted and spoke to us with great enthusiasm and innocence. One could easily see a spark in their eyes and love in their hearts. We connected instantly.
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